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International monetary fund warns about the economic collapse

IMF is a parasite similar with Covid they both thrive on people's pain, poverty, inequality and unemployment. They don't really assist anyone, IMF want to see more states dependent on debt. Covid want to see more families lose loved ones. It's all part of the plan and when some people talked about it they were labeled conspiracy theorists, those billions of money from IMF are always for high profile corrupt politicians

That money rarely benefit mere ordinary people. So that African countries they can be deep in debt, and our politicians can be still enjoying luxury life with there family while majority of poor people, paying those debt including their grandchildren. If Africa becomes one country and the likes of Paul Kagame becomes the President, this shenanigans will dissolve. Africa needs patriots to lead us who can read and predicts the colonizers deplorable plans about Africa. We are doomed through IMF. Since IMF inception they always appoint an African or Asian to be their General Secretary, in order to sell their idea without us questioning their intelligence

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