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"Just Pack And Go" - Watch As South Africans Chase Foreigners Away, Using A New Strategy


There was formerly a popular belief that immigrants do not compete with local businesses, but rather build their own. Locals are also said to gain from it in terms of jobs and services.

Foreigners do operate tiny convenience stores in townships and villages, but they do not participate in the township economy's diverse sectors.

For example, taxis, funeral parlors, huge merchants, Shisanyama, pubs, restaurants, and construction are all monopolized by locals, whilst Zimbabweans dominate panel beating, mechanics, plumbing, and electrical connections. Textiles, fashion, cosmetics, and leasing facilitation are all industries where Nigerians and Ghanaians work. As a result, it is reasonable to conclude that the generalization that foreigners impoverish locals by stealing their business is simply that: a false tale.

Locals, on the other hand, refuse to see reason and demand that foreigners, especially hawkers selling vegetables, sweets, and fruits, go. A gang of South Africans targeted foreign nationals with stalls at what seems to be the Bara taxi queue in a video that has gone viral. They informed the foreigners that the stalls belonged to South Africans and that they should pack their belongings.

They also recorded themselves telling them that they would not steal anything from them or use violence against them, and that they would be at the taxi stand every day if they did not return. The general public supports this, claiming that the government has failed to prioritize their needs, leaving them with no choice but to fight for their country.

Although banning foreigners from certain occupations is outdated and will raise constitutional and human rights concerns, why isn't South Africa following Zimbabwe's lead and prohibiting immigrants from owning businesses?

South Africa is a mash-up of people from all over Africa, some of whom were born here, others who arrived with history, power in arms, and wisdom from another culture, and still others who were forced to labour here under awful conditions. This is where we put all of our thoughts together. The inability to deliver on high promises of freedom, such as curbing rising inequality, which increasingly includes black riches, is, in my opinion, the root of the escalating violence. And, unfortunately, the current administration's silence.


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