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SRD 350 Grant For May and June are still pending check here for more details.

The majority of the 350 grant recipients are paid, but others are not. For those who haven't heard yet, your status is "pending," which indicates that Sassa is still processing your application.

If you have not been paid for the 350 grant, click on to Sassa to check your status because many people have been denied the money. Whoever Sassa isn't going to turn down 350 unless they find something wrong with it. 350 investigations will be carried out for each person who submits an application. People who are less fortunate and who are more deserving of it, as determined by the government and the preside, are the ones who should receive this. It has come to my attention that the street seller you are working with is helping you make extra money in addition to Sassa turning down your offer.

Sassa chose to begin with the payment for June 2022 rather than for the prior two months because this option enabled them to focus on the month that we are currently in. Van Vrede unloaded the continued advancement of SRD grant payments and stated that the Sassa will shortly begin with payments for as long as months after having started with payments for June.


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