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Side Hustles to get crazy rich in 2021

Since the pandemic hit many people have lost their jobs and it has took a huge toll on people's lives. People have lost their jobs and those who lost their jobs are often breadwinners or people who rely on themselves to put bread on the table. Recently, on Twitter people have come out in huge numbers promoting their side hustles:

1. YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel has become of the most famous ways to get you money, there are currently over a million content creators but that doesn't mean you also can't make one, you could make over millions by starting your own YouTube channel but be careful it takes hard work and patience.

2. Use your own Skills you have

Whether it's creating and designing clothes for people or making beats for people. The skill or talemtbyou have cam make some real money. Improve and practice that talent or skill on a daily basis.

3. Selling Sandwiches

You can Google some of the coolest and mouth watering recipes online and try to figure out which one can make some hard cash but most important which one people are going to most like because they are the one who bring the profits.

4. Selling Fat Cakes " Amagwinga"

Selling Fat Cakes has become one the most profitable small businesses, and the best part is that it's super easy to make with as little as less than 5 ingredients to making the most delicious fat cakes.

5. Selling Food

If you want to show your true skills you can open a food joint or a food truck and sell a variety of foods. This has become a new trend on the Twitter streets.

6. Selling Cookies

Selling Cookies are also the most manageable businesses out there because people are not only going to buy one but need cookies in bulk for huge events such as funerals, weddings

7. Car wash

People underestimate car washes but they do really make money, with only just a good location, water, a cloth and a bucket. You can really make a good business out of this, all it takes is great dedication and motivation to always be persistent.

8. Sell Candy

If you are not good in the kitchen, there is a new alternative you can simply buy candy at a factory at a cheaper price or where ever you prefer to buy where it's less expensive. And you can make candy jars or party packs. You can distribute these to parties or even events.

9. Tutoring

You can start Tutoring classes, you dont have to be a ultimate genius but what you need is good compunction skills that make a person understand what you are taking about.

10. Cleaning and Ironing / Housecalls

If you are good with your hands, you can go for cleaning and Ironing which can be done as housecalls. If you really want to make real money, you can distribute business cards and label your prices and how you charge. You can really make real but the downside of these you are going to need petrol money to travel and go house to house. So think this throughly?

Source: Pinterest

I hope you found this inspiring and hopefully can have the bravery to start your own side hustle. Don't be scared you are braver the you think.

Ready? Now go and make some money πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’°πŸ’°

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