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Warning Over New Petrol And Diesel Rules For South Africa

The south africa's petroleum refinery capacity could become obsolete within the 2 years.The petroleum Industry Association (SAPIA) has warned.In that statement ,seen by Reuters.

The Industry body has called for the extension of the new government rules meant to reduce a sulpur emission from 2023 to a later date.But the government gazetted a new for petroleum products Specifications and Standards in August last month.

Was mandate last month the use of a ultra-low sulphur petrol and diesel products.Under the new regulations,grades allowed for sale may not exceed 10 parts per million,according to a government notice on petroleum product regulation dated 31 /08/21 last month.

The rules will come into effect on 1/09/2023. However,(SAPIA) says that it will cost much ,as R58 billion ($3.9billion) to upgrade the country's refineries to these new standard unless the government allows them to pass the costs on to consumers & finacial support.

The SAPIA view that the very short time frame provided for implementation is impossible to meet and will likely render the refinery fleet obsolete within 2 years ,the Industry body said in statement.

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