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Mzansi:Here Is The Money That Zama-Zamas Make See Here

#ZamaZamas Here are some videos from the past few months. @SAPoliceService - Action is long overdue! Video 1/5

We mist educate our people about money and also to have a society that will be interested in working for there wealth once we have people who are interested in becoming milloners without working we would have failed as a nation .

People must work and those are not working must not become criminals because the country will not move forward with people who are not interested in working.

A video of zama -zamas having cash that is believe it came from illegal mining here in south Africa this simple means that there is a lot of money in the mining industry .

The government must educate the society about mining because we will have a society that is not working and they will also damage the environment because they lack knowledge about mining.

Below are comment made by people.

Language is sesotho he's from Lesotho he talking about bogobe a (porridge) and he is saying this is not a peanut from taxi driver,is a really money, even next week he will be having another one bigger than this,he himself is a big guy not a small boy,he is a legendary.

Are you aware that the Sutus who were involved in Krugersdrop rape incident were All judged and killed by their superiors underground. The Ntates have courts in those ghost mines. They judge and kill and throw bodies into mine hoists.

Remember these are syndicates. They have leaders,rules and regulations. Death penalties are passed to any outlaw underground.


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