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FINALLY: Solutions To SA's Electricity Issues Is In View, No More Expensive Bills and Disconnections

FINALLY: Solutions To SA's Electricity Issues Is In View, No More Expensive Bills and Disconnections.

One major scarcity in the lives of many South Africans which has deterred their developed and left many companies struggling to meet adequate and cheap production. Has been the availability of electricity, something which is supposed to be necessity, is now a luxury for those who can afford them.

With electricity the day to day lives of our people would've been 10 times better than it it. We can have cheap production hence affordable prices for goods, we can have better transportation through speed trains, we can have clean water and better conditions of living.

However this dream has been shattered by politicians who's only goals is to fill their pockets whilst they make us vote for them under the pretense of fake promises of better education and the like. But I'm glad to see that ordinary people are now taking the initiative to help better the ordinary man's life.

According to a post made on Facebook by a young South African lady who leads a new start up company in the energy sector, they are now on the verge of producing solar panels that would be cheap and efficient for every home. The company LC Dynamics, is said to be engineering these panels for Windows of home, which would convert solar energy to electricity.

The post which has now been made public on Business Insider website, the CEO, Lisa Von Benecke added that the voltaic PV cells are constructed of their slats. Their mechanisms have motors tilt the slats to trace the solar. They’ve lithium-ion battery packs, a built-in LED gentle, and a number of DC outputs for charging units.

Lisa Von Benecke who seems to be in her mid twenties to early thirties began a journey to see that the good people of South Africa will in a few months and years to come say goodbye to the horrors of being without electricity for days and months. By introducing her new window blinds solar energy plan.

She stated that she took the who of the year 2021 to understand, plan and develope the adequate method of how this will function and it shows a very promising future.

This is something I cannot wait to see and hopefully instead of truncating a beautiful invention, our leaders will get to support and push this through until we stand out in Africa for this.

Source: Facebook

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