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OPINION|| RET Policies Won't Outmaneuver White Owned Businesses, Here's Why

The reason for the continued existence of the white oligarchs is that we as black people are TOTALLY REFUSING to take charge of this economy! 

We make up 80% of the population and close to 90% if you include coloureds, yet we are totally dependent on the minority groups like whites and indians to provide with the bulk of all private sector jobs! 

How many black owned businesses that you know today that employ 100 or more people? We like to think ourselves as being "naturally socialist" yet when it comes to our spending patterns we outrank even the most capitalist societies! 

No other sane society does this. Go to India today and you find that the racial majority owns the bulk of private businesses in that country. Same thing with China, Japan, S. Korea, etc. The Asians have avoided playing the victim unlike us Africans and the ownership patterns of their economy is proof of this.

When will we wake up from our slumber? Why do we think that the RET mentality of businesses created specifically to benefit from state contracts will beat or outmaneuver white businesses that have tens of millions of individual customers, thousands of business clients and hundreds of overseas markets? 

We need to stop being lazy and do the work required to win the hearts of the millions of citizens in this country to break the stranglehold of the WMC. The tenderpreneurship mentality of the RET gang is not going to take us anywhere.


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