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The prices of these houses caught Twitter by a storm.

One of the reasons why people prefer to rent houses rather than buy a bond is how much they have to pay. Not everyone can afford to buy a decent house in the suburbs because their prices are straight from the movies. 

For a decent house with at least three to four bedrooms and a garage, the price ranges from 1.4 million to 3 million, depending on the area in which the house is located. It looks like it's not the house that is expensive but the location.

Yanga posted a picture of 2 houses which are next to each other, and for someone who doesn't know, they might think that those two houses belong to one person, but the thing is, they are neighbours to each other, and what caught the attention of people on Twitter is their price, because in order to own one, you will have to pay 600,000 South African Rands.

Below are the comments and images from twitter.

I said let's boycott such developments. Why must we allow banks and developers to scam us? Banks will approve you to buy this house, but try buying a house at a similar price in an old suburb and see what the outcome is.

They should have just made it semi-detached and used the space between for living space. There are millions of these in the UK. And then go up a level for that price. The one on the right got done in with a window. 

No, it is not if you buy. It means you made a choice based on whatever evaluations you own. As long as the price is communicated upfront. 

You can see the background view. There's nothing special about this location, or maybe they're selling the idea of what it will be in the next few years. Otherwise, it is a big one. 

Woow greed has really taken over people’s heads, a tiny little pozzy for one, no land for gardening. These are not neighbors but live together, which is hilarious.

And the walls are built with one brick instead of two. These are houses that are made to last for 30 years instead of 80. So immediately after paying off your 20-year bond, problems arise. Big problems, like cracks that start from the foundation all the way to the ceiling,


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