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10 Biggest Malls in South Africa, See Pictures

Much like the race for the sky by the tallest sky scrapers, there is another race going on; it is the race of who is bigger by square meter.

Today, we live in malls, which house a wide variety of items required for daily living. You can basically find anything in a mall, from snacks to clothing to accessories.

Every shopping center strives to be the largest because, when it comes to malls, size matters because it increases revenue and draws more customers.

Today, we'll examine South Africa's top ten shopping centers. This ranking is determined by "Gross Leas-able Area."

In a few years, this ranking is likely to change as these slumbering titans develop and grow. These are the ten largest malls in the nation right now, though.

10. Westgate (JHB) ─ 109,418 sq m

The tenth-largest mall in terms of square footage is Westgate Mall in Johannesburg's West Rand neighborhood.

The mall's 109, 418 square meters are home to 184 retailers and a total of six entrances.

while these numbers on their own may be pretty impressive and the mall itself is quite huge, Westgate is dwarfed by some of the malls on this list, as you will soon discover.

9. Centurion Mall (PT) ─ 105,000 sq m

Nineth place goes to one of Pretoria's oldest malls. The Centurion Mall was the sole shopping center in Centurion with the typical big-name merchants of the era when it initially opened its doors to the public in 1983 or 1984 (near the Centurion Lake on the Hennops River).

At a cost of R250 million, the mall had one of its largest renovations and upgrades in 2003.

8. Mall of Africa (Midrand) ─ 130 000 sq m

The Mall of Africa is South Africa's largest retail mall ever and was constructed in a single phase, in contrast to the most of the malls on this list, which were created and then later enlarged.

The 130 000 square meter, R5 billion mall features more than 300 retailers, 50 lifts, and more than 6,500 parking spaces.

7. The Pavilion (Durban) ─135 000 sq m

The Pavilion, with a total area of 75,000 square meters, initially opened its doors in 1993, drawing inspiration from European architecture.

Like the most of the shopping centers on this list, the Pavilion has undergone various improvements over time.

The mall now has 255 stores, 17 entrances, and 2901 parking spaces, virtually doubling its initial size to over 135 000 square meters.

6. Eastgate Shopping Centre (JHB) ─ 141,000 sq m

One of the nation's older malls, The Eastgate was first constructed in 1979.

It continues to be one of South Africa's busiest malls today, with Saturdays seeing up to 80,000 visitors.

There were worries that the mall would close last year during the pandemic's hold and the lockdown, after CBL Properties, the mall's owner, declared voluntary bankruptcy as a result of decreased mall traffic nationally.

5. Canal Walk (CPT) ─ 141 000 sq m

One of the largest malls in both South Africa and Africa is Canal Walk in Cape Town. What's more remarkable is that, despite being 141,000 square meters in size, the building's construction only took a year (year 2000).

There are 400 retailers in the mall, which has a total of 12 entrances and 7,000 parking spaces.

4. Menlyn Park (PT) ─ 177 000 sq m

Menlyn is one of South Africa's most picturesque locations, despite recent terrible events making it popular.

The Food Court, keyhole malls and focal points, and a sizable indoor garden plaza surrounded by restaurants make up the mall's three main areas.

Menlyn Park is a 177,000 square meter shopping center with nearly 500 retailers, 8,250 parking spaces, and 16 parking entrances.

3. Fourways (JHB) ─178 000 sq m

The Fourways mall briefly surpassed other South African malls in size after undergoing significant renovations and additions in 2019 that increased its size from 85,000 square meters to 178,000 square meters.

In contrast to the majority of the malls on the list, Fourways has flyovers from William Nicol and Witkoppen roads that make it simple to access its 400+ retailers.

2. Gateway (DBN) ─ 186,526 sq m

The Gateway Theatre of Shopping, as it is officially known, is situated on Umhlanga Ridge, north of Durban.

It ranks among the top 100 largest malls in the world with a total area of about 186,526 square meters. More than 460 retailers can be found in the award-winning mall, which also includes 12,000 parking spaces.

An entirely new town center, as well as commercial and residential projects, have subsequently been developed in the area as a result of the mall's construction, which started in 1998 on what was once a sugarcane plantation.

1. Sandton City ─ 215,000 sq m

With more than 400 retailers, Sandton City and Nelson Mandela Square combined make up one of the largest shopping centers on the continent.

The largest mall in South Africa is Sandton City, which covers approximately 215,000 square meters (for now). In September 1973, the mall first opened its doors.

Sandton City has seen multiple expansions from its initial size of 50,000 square meters over the past year, similar to the most of the malls on this list.


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