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Savage Tyme Bank is attracting customers through humor

In the last few years, several companies have joined social media to promote their brands directly to potential customers as well as interact with them online.

Although some have largely remain within the confines of the company's core business. Some are spreading their wings by joining in the daily social issues and conversations that are affecting their clients.

Nandos is one of the notorious brands for its political and social commentaries with some edge adverts. They have taught us to expect edgy from them and that expectation has positioned them to be able to get away with things that others might not.

TymeBank is another institution that is joining the grove with its latest sparks on Twitter not only increases customer engagement but also making the bank appear cooler. Its latest tweet was about the trend "RED FLAG" that is going viral. 

In the post, TymeBank wrote "High bank charges for services you don't use is a red flag"

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