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City Of Johannesburg prioritizing SA traders

City of Johannesburg MMC for Economic Development Nkululeko Mbundu says they will not ban foreign nationals from informal trading. But Mbundu says the new informal trade policy will give priority to South Africans.

Here are some of the tweets from the people weighing in on what the MMC Nkululeko Mbundu said.

"No one is going to monitor that policy. Mbundu must not make comments that he can't fulfill."

"Those who are elected by our South African people have responsibility to create jobs and better their lives. Politicians have the security by end of each month they are paid. They never face the possibility to go to bed hungry. Our people needs to be first in every planning."

"The MMC is missing the point here, South African they don't have a problem with foreign trading,but they must be documented."

"Black South Africans always feel they need help and support above others in order to make it in the world - hence #AA and #BEE even after 30 years of power and a 90% majority. Pathetic really."

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