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KZN Village Houses VS Limpopo village houses // what are people from KZN working for? A house closer


When it comes to investment, one has to choose wisely in order to get a better interest in return.

Investment is not all about money but everything that has to do with your life overall, it can be money yes, building a house, forming businesses and getting into a marriage. All belongs to investment management.

A post on twitter caused a fire on what are KZN people working for?

Following the comparison on venda houses and KwaZulu natal houses.

Limpopo houses are the most beautiful houses compared to KZN

It's not a matter of just living but living in a nice place after such work hard.


KZN people are just in love to the fact that they stay near the beach but living in scraps of houses.

People must enjoy their work hard benefits after sweating but KZN people love alcohol too way.

What do you think about investing in housing?

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KZN Limpopo


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