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Bad News For Alcohol Consumers

It has not been a good year for alcohol consumers or the alcohol industry because since the pandemic started, it has been banned numerous times, and this has also resulted in a lot of people being unemployed, which has increased the rate of unemployment in the country.

This is because since the pandemic started, the government had to introduce a few regulations that people must follow in order for the pandemic to be dealt with accordingly and for the number of infections to be reduced so that countries can go back to normal. Alcohol was one of the main things that countries banned from being sold and consumed.

In particular, in South Africa, a lot of the people in the country are alcohol consumers, and this puts a lot of pressure on the health care system because most accidents that occur as a result of alcohol are caused by drunken drivers. That is one of the reasons why it was banned, so that the pressure healthcare facilities feel due to the number of alcohol patients that go to hospital every week is reduced, so that the main patients who have tested positive for COVID are the ones that receive assistance.

When alcohol was banned a few times in the country, a lot of people were not happy, and it seems like, according to Bheki Cele, the minister of police, it might be banned again this coming November, during the municipal elections. According to reports, the minister of police told people in KwaZulu-Natal in GreyTown residents, alcohol might not be sold. This is because, due to the lockdown regulations, alcohol is not sold during a public holiday and the 1st of November will be declared a public holiday for elections. 

A lot of people were not happy hearing what he had to say about the banning of alcohol and here are some of the reactions: 


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