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'See The Richest Family In The World Who Worship Satan And Marry Themselves

Money is said to be the source of all bad, but this may be a joke or a synonym for poverty. There are many filthy rich families in the country, but the Rothschild family is unlike any other, since they are currently worth over $500 trillion.

However, behind those riches and renown are many conspiracy theories of which many legends have spoken; some claim they are real, while others dismiss them as envy.

Let's take a look at a few things about the Rothschild family that will astound you and see how unique they are from other families.

1. Members of the Rothschild family marry cousins and relatives from their own heritage in order to keep their legacy from spreading to other families.

Albert Rothschild married his cousin Bettina Rothschild at the age of 37, and the couple had seven children, all of whom interbred.

2. It is widely assumed that the Rothschild family were devout believers in the devil and had an underground room where no one was allowed to go; they even own tax stamps previously used by witches and magicians.

Such conspiracy theories are yet to be proven or disproved, but the Rothschild family continues to amass wealth and influence.

3. They have assisted Brazil in gaining independence from their Portuguese colonial rulers by paying a large ransom requested by the Portuguese, and as a result, Brazil has had to repay the Rothschild family for decades.

4. They regulate the world's gold market price as of 1919, when their rich business rivals debated the price of gold.

Whether or not the Union Jack (British flag) was lowered or lifted, an offer would be approved or refused.

This went on until the Barclays Bank took over the regulation of the world's gold market price from the Rothschilds in 2004.

5. They threw odd and strange parties where the guests wear strange masks with frightening faces and bird cages, bolstering trust in the family's many conspiracy theories.

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