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RSA Indians Say Things Were Better During Apartheid Times. See What They Spotted

In Facebook Indian community debated about the picture, that showed the prices looked to be cheaper compared to the ones we are seeing today. Due to rising inflation Rand is declining as a result cost of life becomes expensive. Ukraine War has made things worse as we see things like petrol and sunflower oil going high.

But they forgot that during those days for people of color life was difficult as white people made sure you earn a peanut. If prices were affordable to buy a car or groceries; the payment was minor to achieve all that. The payment system in the people of color was the same as earning R2500 today which indeed can't give you financial freedom. Off course things were cheaper but the white government disabled success on people of color; while them white people earned a lot of money for example imargin if Someone earned R500 during that time indeed financial freedom was of great quality. If grocery during that time cost just a mere R100 for a well paid man indeed apartheid enabled others to succeed over others. Thats why white people became richer and blacks got poorer. The system was a destructor to people of color.

Preadeshni Devnarain

Good old day's when everything worked. We were short of nothing, good education, clean environment, good public transportation, beautiful beaches n safety. What was wrong with us living among our own? Nothing, was for the better. Nowadays family's are stranger's n the rest is history.

Molly Perumal

Our moms worked earning R20 a week in white owned clothing factories . We really suffered in the apartheid Era. However we Indians have a never giving up attitude yes and we made what our parents and grandparents parents suffer blood sweat and tears for our freedom as well thank you .... late Mahatma Gandhi in the fightback our liberation as well. All the heros and people that lost they lives for our freedom . God bless

Nivashni Nair Sukdev

Many have forgotten being oppressed. This offer would have only been available for Whites. I can never understand people who talk about the "good old days." It's like the oppression, inequality and pure hate associated with apartheid have been forgotten. Context matters.

If white people worked together with Africans. Our continent would have thrived just like Europeans countries.

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