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September Update on SRD status payments.

The September Srd payment dates for SASSA have not yet been confirmed or announced due to processing individual's details.If your status for srd is still pending at the moment don't you are not the only one. 

September payments has not yet been updated and for most individuals it shows that applications are currently being processed,meaning pending. 

This means that approved applications should be expected and also that payments will start being made soon after.

Something the money will delays for some reason such as wrong bank details. Everyone feel that they putted their bank details only to find out that there are wrong. So that why you must double check all you details before complaining about not receiving money. Secondly if you applied late obviously your application will take time so that your application can be proccesed

As for now it can not be how much longer it will be extended for, or only if it will be extended for as long as covid will still be around.

To ensure that your application is approved, make sure that all the details you have provided are up to date, ensure your full names are correct and ensure your banking details are correct.

However as for people who are approved in August and have not yet got paid,i suppose they don't need to stress themself. The day they get their paydates on September they will receive all their money including the ones of August if they never received it.Please follow me for more news. Comment below if you have a question or you something to say.

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