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Capitec vs Standard Bank vs FNB vs Absa vs Nedbank: BIG BATTLE

As South Africa's financial area faces expanding contests from new advanced participants, a furious fight seethes on among the 'inheritance' organizations.

Alluded to as the 'enormous five', these organizations go past retail contributions, with a full-administration arrangement of credit, advances, resource the executives, and different administrations, while battling off new computerized participants into the market including TymeBank, Discovery Bank, and most as of late Bank Zero.

So which of these organizations – Capitec, Standard Bank, Absa, FirstRand, or Nedbank – stands tallest, or is the greatest? It relies upon the class.

Whenever estimated by network size – in particular ATMs and branches, both Standard Bank and Absa are the biggest banks. Be that as it may, with regards to client reach, Capitec professes to have the most retail clients in its environment.

If you somehow managed to decide the size by resources taken care of, productivity, or the number of workers utilized in South Africa, the appropriate response would likewise be unique.

BusinessTech took a gander at the latest yearly monetary reports (from 2020/21) and analyzed the large five banks on 12 key measurements – from monetary execution to arrange and reach.

The information beneath covers both gathering and South African activities – for instance, bunch information was utilized for representatives, and accounts, while South African information was taken for client numbers. FNB is addressed by FirstRand Group, however, FNB branches and ATMs were utilized for the figures. Offer costs, market cap, and P/E apportion were taken from Bloomberg information.

The information covers the accompanying announcing periods:

FirstRand – FY 2021 (finished June)

Capitec – FY 2021 (finished February)

Absa – FY 2020 (finished December)

Nedbank – FY 2020 (finished December)

Standard Bank FY 2020 (finished December)

Market capitalization and P/E proportion

Back in 2017, Capitec had the littlest market capitalization across the huge five retail banks yet has since moved to third-biggest by this measurement, with the distinction among Capitec and Standard Bank in runner up (R28.6 billion) more modest than the hole among it and Absa in fourth (R72.4 billion).

FirstRand, in the meantime, has cemented its situation as the most significant bank on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

With regards to share value, Capitec far outperforms its friends. The gathering shot past the R1,000 per share mark in 2018, and presently sits near R1,700 per share. This, be that as it may, likewise makes it the most costly when taking a gander at the cost over profit (P/E) proportion, practically twofold the next.

The P/E proportion is the proportion for esteeming an organization that actions its present offer value comparative with its per-share income. The 'least expensive' stock among the banks is Absa, with a P/E of 8.69.

Bank Market Cap Share price P/E Ratio

FirstRand (FNB) R342.0 billion R61.24 12.69

Standard Bank R222.6 billion R138.66 10.99

Capitec R194.0 billion R1 690.57 24.50

Absa Bank R121.6 billion R144.08 8.69

Nedbank R85.6 billion R168.90 9.49

Gathering Finances

Standard Bank is the top-acquiring foundation among neighborhood banks, with complete payment of R108.6 billion. The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown affected all enormous banks over the audit time frame, reflected in pay and feature profit.

Standard Bank, Absa, and Nedbank's information mirrored a more complete Covid-19 picture – being the year finished December 2020 – while Capitec and FirstRand mirrored a portion of the 2021 recuperations.

FirstRand kept up with its shaft position as far as feature profit – however, once more, muffled from the overall monetary lull brought by the pandemic.

The pay reflects both the premium and non-premium pay for the particular banks. Feature income is a proportion of an organization's profit dependent on functional and capital speculation exercises. It avoids pay that might identify with staff decreases, deals of resources, or bookkeeping compose downs.

As far as to feature profit per share, Capitec is the unmistakable pioneer by some edge.

Bank Income Headline Earnings HEPS (pennies)

Standard Bank R108.6 billion R15.9 billion 1 002

FirstRand (FNB) R72.2 billion R19.3 billion 480

Absa Bank R81.4 billion R8.0 billion 946

Nedbank R54.2 billion R5.4 billion 1 113

Capitec R15.2 billion R4.6 billion 3 966

Center capital

The Banker's main 1000 banks report depends on a proportion of a bank's Tier 1 Capital – known as center capital, which comprises of investors' value and held income.

Standard Bank has settled in its situation as the greatest bank in the country by Tier 1 capital, augmenting the hole among it and its nearest rival, First Rand.

Despite a 5.8% move in Tier 1 funding to $11.16 billion, Standard Bank descended the generally worldwide rankings to 157th position. The main two South African banks to climb the rankings were Investec and Capitec.

Capitec returned the best 1,000 banks, positioning 558th in general with $1.9 billion in Tier 1 Capital.

Absa fell 14 spots to 184th in 2019's worldwide positioning, with Nedbank down 23 spots to 240th. Capitec positioned 588th generally speaking and showed some development in its Tier 1 Capital over the previous year, recording a 1.7% improvement.

Bank Tier 1 Capital

Standard Bank $11.2 billion

FirstRand (FNB) $7.8 billion

Absa Bank $7.6 billion

Nedbank $5.6 billion

Capitec $1.9 billion

Reach and organization

As banks speed up their advanced change, actual branches and ATM networks are moving the other way. Where branches aren't being shut out and out, the space they presently involve is effectively being decreased.

In the Covid-19 time, the computerized drive has sped up further, while actual marks of essence have been diminished further.

Notwithstanding, banks have clarified that an actual presence is as yet fundamental to overhauling clients. Branches and ATMs are as yet keys to activities.

To this end, Standard Bank has the broadest branch organization, while Absa has the most ATMs in its channel organization. It's significant that while the banks are effectively downscaling these numbers, Capitec is as yet adding branches.

Standard Bank is additionally the greatest boss across the banks, with more than 50,000 representatives working across the gathering.

Bank Employees Branches ATMs

Standard Bank 50 115 1 124 6 774

Absa Bank 36 737 619 8 660

FirstRand (FNB) 37 741 599 4 848

Nedbank 28 324 549 4 224

Capitec 14 672 857 6 725


Capitec has gotten features over the years for its solid development and presently sits easily as the biggest retail bank in the country as far as dynamic retail clients. Toward the finish of its most recent monetary year, the gathering announced 15.7 million dynamic clients.

In the months since, it has developed that figure further – 16.8 million clients.

Having a great many clients is an objective for all gatherings to arrive at monetary targets, nonetheless, on account of interpersonal organizations and huge information abilities, consumer loyalty has turned into an esteemed measurement to decide achievement.

The most recent South African Consumer Satisfaction Index for the nation's retail banks showed that Capitec and Nedbank clients are the most joyful with their administrations, while Absa and Standard Bank fall behind.

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