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Outsurance Exposed For Being Racist: “They Provide Cheaper Quotes For White People”

Just recently, one of the biggest insurance companies in South Africa, Outsurance, has been exposed for providing cheaper quotes to white people.

A young man posted a tweet exposing the company. He claims that him and his friend, who happens to be white, decided to call Outsurance and asked them for a quote for their comprehensive car insurance. Both the men had Polo GTs.

Here is what he tweeted:

Black people were outraged, they were absolutely convinced that the company was racist. However, a lot of people don’t realize that the amount you are going to pay for insurance depends immensely on your credit score. A person with a low credit score is considered to be high risk, therefore the quote will be a lot more expensive.

It may have been that he had a low credit score than his friend. I’m most insurance companies, race is not a factor, the system doesn’t even ask a person for their race.

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Black Outsurance Polo GTs South Africa


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