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Businesses are battling to operate efficiently with stage6 power cuts

Many businesses are battling to operate efficiently. This as the country continues to be plunged into #Stage6 power cuts. The SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry says companies are under immense strain and losing money due to the blackouts.

"Thé sense of hopelessness is tangible . In some parts of Jhb there were 3 sets of load shedding yesterday . How do you operate a business under those conditions. ? I production or payment systems ? Government should provide the interim solution ."

"A sad week! Tomorrow exactly a week since we last had a studio operational. Just sad and I’m sorry to say landlords even worst they increase rent to tenants in a time we can’t trade! "

"But our electricity bills are high every month"

"Even if people of this country elect a new ruling party other than ANC, loadshedding is still going to be there and we can't hide the fact that things will become worse"

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SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry


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