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I do not think that the South African government has an interest in solving Zimbabwean crisis

Some people think that the South African government has an interest in solving the Zimbabwean crisis. These people are wrong, because as it stands, South Africa is the biggest beneficiary of the Zimbabwean crisis. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that South Africa caused the crisis, because they didn't, but they benefit greatly from it. One way they benefit is that they have a ready market of 15 million or more people who aren't producing or manufacturing anything important, and they can sell their goods to them.

They won't, therefore Mbeki said that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe because if Zimbabwe was doing well economically, it would compete with South Africa, and what capitalist wants their competition to do well and take some of their market share? None, so before you get excited about Ramaphosa sending envoys to talk to the Zimbabwean government, know that the only interests those envoys will protect are the interests of South Africa, and they don't even care about you as a Zimbabwean because you know what? Your Zimbabwean government doesn't care about you either. The former Botswana prime minister who is now wearing a T-shirt in support of Zimbabweans doesn't care about their lives either; he only wants them to be his servants. But if it makes you feel better, keep thinking these people care about you. I am too cynical, so I don't fall for these tricks very easily.

Before South Africans go after Zimbabweans, they should ask Thabo Mbeki to take back what he said about the situation in 2002 and 2008. SADC should call him out and be more honest about the situation in Zim, which is under siege by Zanu PF and the army, but SADC continues to turn a blind eye.

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