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Watch: Truck Driver And His Assistant Battles A Thief

The trucking industry has been under attack by many factors that puts the lives of the drivers at a greater risk,the scrapyards seems to be creating problems for many business sectors including the government,the scrap metals seems to be generating a reasonable cash for the needy people,however,the drugs addicts are spoiling a good business,the drugs addicts who are roaming around the townships took almost every metal to the scrapyards,they have now went out to look for the greener pastures in the south african roads where they attack the trucks that carries the metals,just a temporary stop in the robots,these drugs addicts ride over the trucks and throws the metals in the road.One brave truck driver with his assistant exchanged blows with the thief who happened to rid over their truck and tried to take some metals for himself,the truck driver stopped the truck and went out with his assistant,the thief tried to offload few metals down the truck but he realized that the truck driver and his assistant are rounding and inspecting the truck,he went down on the other side of the truck and he was met with the angry truck drivers,the duo exchanged the few blows before the thief ran away.The truck driver had however seemed to have been incapable of handling the thief as the thief fired some hot blows before running.The social media users couldn't stop laughing at the truck driver who took a very brave stand against the thief and later got few hot punches from the thief.Fighting is a skill and not everyone is have that skill,the truck driver failed to manhandle the skinny man who looks like a nyaope addict,the energy that the truck driver had when awaiting the thief to come down,one would have thought that it was a hospital case for the thief,given the fact that the driver had a reasonable physique than the thief.

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