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BLF: The loan is between you and the politicians who signed for it

Black First Land First has penned a letter to David Malpaas the president of the World Bank Group.

This comes after the World Bank Group approved another loan to South Africa worth R11 billion. This loan comes after the R500 billion loan also taken out from the World Bank for Covid relief. South Africans are yet to be told what happened to all this money.

In the letter BLF states that they write it to make the institution aware that the loan is between them and the politicians who signed for and not the citizens of South Africa. They further say that the people of South Africa will not see a cent of this money.

BLF also mentions that history has proven that these unwanted loans do not benefit the citizens but only the imperialists’ agenda which will continue to enslave the nation and reduce its citizens to vessels of the institution, referring to the World Bank.

They continue to point out the conditions that are usually attached to these loans. Which include austerity measures and other insane policies like budget cuts.

They close off the letter by saying “We the people don’t owe and we won’t pay” .


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