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Business: Gold in Steep Fall on European Session Of Trade This Morning

Gold is one of the most highest regarded commodities in the world. South Africa's trademark in the worlds economy.

Today market analysis on the business day live determines that gold slightly lower than closing bell on Friday as the US Dollar Yields firmed and tough hopes for additional stimulus on the scale of world economy.

Now compared to the European market trade economy, the gold takes a dive in value as first session economic activities get unfavourable on the value of gold this morning.

Low supply and Demand eased the spot performance for short term investment in gold. though it has a high potential of bouncing back, it is still risky for spot traders to participate due to lack of high frequency trading system.

As for long term investments especially the post covid-19 movement, all the action is on the verge of future value determination.

Gold is traded and used all over the world for investment purposes, jewelry making and as a medium of exchange. Because an ounce of gold is the same whether it is in the U.S. or in Japan. Mostly it's one of the major medium of exchange in south Africa when currencies are a hike compared to the ZAR.


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