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They started small but ended up big, he story of Sneaker Laundry.

There's nothing as hard and as exciting than starting your own business, I know that a lot of people believe that starting a business is as simple as just starting well, it is much harder than that, and that is something that most people will never tell you.

There is a reason why most businesses fail after only a year of being open, that's because most businesses cannot handle the hardships that come with owning a business and getting clients or getting your products to sell is hard to the point where you have no choice but to close down your doors to the public and not operate anymore.

Well it seems that Sneaker Laundry is an exception to this. Sneaker Laundry is a South African business which specializes in sneaker cleaning and detailing, although it sounds like a business that could never be scaled, well these man managed to get their sneaker cleaning business to the top, as today they own an actual store for the business. This is actually proof that any business idea you might have is worth acting on instead of just sitting on it and doing nothing with it.

Sneaker Laundry started from the house of the owners, without any headquarters or a main store where people could take their shoes to get cleaned, and all that was about 5 years ago, and today Sneaker Laundry is one of the biggest if not the biggest sneaker cleaning business in South Africa.

Any business is scalable it is only a matter of how you think and see, if your ideas for scaling up your business are there then all you have to do is work hard and think long term so that you can potentially own an empire one day. All it takes is an idea and hard work towards that idea.

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