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Bad news for SA as of november

A "amazing coincidence" is prompting energy supply deficiencies universally while request is on a consistent ascent 

South Africa needs a drawn out energy strategy that would make us less powerless against worldwide patterns 

a nearby of a vehicle: © David Bodescu/© Provided by CapeTalk © David Bodescu/ 

The world is confronting a phenomenal worldwide energy emergency. 

Energy costs have been expanding significantly in Asia and Europe, and the US reaction will have an emotional impact. In China and other significant economies, the interest for energy shot up as they recuperated from the pandemic. 

In Europe, a virus winter exhausted gas saves, while a long spell of twist still days decreased force supply to the network. Russia, one of the EU's greatest providers, is declining to give more. 

John Maytham and financial analyst Dr Iraj Abedian dug into the elements that have made the energy emergency and talked about expectations of a premonition future (look up to tune in). 

Abedian is the CEO of Pan-African Investments and Research Services. 

He is an alum of the University of Cape Town (UCT) and holds a PhD in financial matters from Simon Fraser University in Canada. 

He was a teacher of financial aspects at UCT for more than 18 years prior to joining Standard Bank as Group Chief Economist. 

A few providers, for example, Iran are under ban… The unexpected flood popular [post lockdowns] surpassed the arranged inventory… Russia, the primary provider to Europe, is utilizing gas for political point-scoring… Global coordinations are not too oiled as it was before Covid. It's somewhat of an amazing coincidence right now. 

Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO - Pan-African Investments and Research Services 

There will be a consistent ascent over the course of the following a half year popular for energy… If worldwide development keeps up with its present force… we can just anticipate that energy prices should go up… Expect rising costs universally throughout the following a half year… 

Dr Iraj Abedian, CEO - Pan-African Investments and Research Services 

The impact on the government assistance of our country is very serious… We need to as a country have a drawn out energy strategy… less helpless before worldwide patterns… The faster we go to cleaner energy, which is privately created…'Expect energy prices to continue rising – there’s a perfect storm right now' (

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