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OPINION| What is your take on South Africa being granted 11.4 billion loan from the world bank ?

All Borrowed Money From Loans Comes With Terms and Conditions

Ramaphosa is doing exactly what former president Thabo Mbeki did when he keot on borrowing from the IMF and the World Bank and pricatising our SOEs, that is why Thabo Mbeki was praised as the president who done well economically no it was because the bulk of money was made through selling of our state owned enterprises, and their asserts. Ramaphosa is continuing where Mbeki left off of borrowing and selling our state owned enterprises and their asserts. Ramaphosa think that economic growth is made by selling our SOEs and borrowing from international and local loan sharks. Maybe that's how he runs his businesses. After all, all Ramaphosa businesses are relying on the state tenders , he never created any of his companies from strach but he rely on state tendersAll these borrowed monies comes with terms and conditions that are not in our favor as South Africans, Rama sells this country every single day his still in power. What will it take to make this government realise they can not keep on doing this? The fiscal income is R1.4 trillion but they spent R1.9 trillion a year. The R500 billion shortfall we have to go borrow, R380 billion of it internationally at between 6.5-8.5% interest a year. Our interest on debt is already more than social security and policing and justice combined, maybe they are looking at the USA

Money the South African people will pay for through inflation and taxation this loan with no doubt that was created out of thin air, will further enslave a countries people. Free vaccines? Well no investors invest to make profits so who's paying for the vaccines that the new vaccine manufacturing plant in SA, the people will pay of course through inflation and taxation

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