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Good news received by R350 grant recipients


R350 grant beneficiaries received encouraging news.

The red berets questioned her about what efforts her department would take to accommodate the more than 500,000 people who would otherwise be turned away from the SRD owing to financial constraints.

The R44 billion funding Zulu's department has available just through the end of March 2019 can only support 10.5 million SRD recipients.

How will job opportunities be created?

Sassa is currently striving to establish a data-sharing relationship with the departments of public works and infrastructure, employment, and labor in order to assist Covid-19 SRD participants obtain job opportunities.

Zulu went on to say, "Also, the department

With the goal of boosting employment prospects for the unemployed and those in the SRD database, it has finished a framework for connecting social protection users to sustainable livelihood projects.

Who will be the focus of the program?

The department's main focus, according to Zulu, will be on providing aid to those in need, with a focus on children and women in particular.

She explained that under this program, "the department and its cooperating development agencies conduct skills development projects that have the potential to produce money and provide employment opportunities."

These actions are intended to assist persons who cannot receive assistance through social grants or the SRD Grant and to point them in the direction of more long-term employment options and other types of economic activity.

Plans exist for basic income grants?

According to the leader of the ANC's social reform subcommittee, Lindiwe Sisulu, a basic income grant is on the table.

How South Africans Owed Over R50,000 in Debt Can Receive Relief in Just 21 Days "We were the committee that made it possible to provide our people R350 during the lockdown as a temporary solution for their sustainability. We discovered that basic income awards may be managed in addition to that.

Due to our limited resources, "we had several meetings with Treasury to evaluate if it is possible to implement this now or if we might want to continue with the R350 for a particular amount of time.

According to Sisulu, the ultimate decision would be made by Enoch Godongwana, the finance minister.

When establishing the budget, it is something that must be considered. He is trying to come up with a solution, making sure we can use this as an ongoing and sustainable plan to ensure that people without any access to resources or to any other means would receive assistance from the government, she added.

Sassa will assist R350 grant winners in finding employment - here's what you need to know (

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