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Is This RAF? See, A Man Does The Unthinkable With His Friends in Daylight. WATCH Out.


What's gotten into South African people because it looks like they don't even care about their lives after they got their money that they have been waiting for. This is a heartbreaking story because you'll find them on the streets playing with that money, thinking that they will never run out of it. So many people are regretting by now because of the things that they have been doing with the money that they should have taken care of their families. That is more important to make sure that where you get that body also have to get a financial advisor just so he can assist you on how to use your money.

Family are trying by their all to stop what they are doing, but it seems like they are failing, since it has been said that someone who does have money will never listen to you. Some people are saying that the reason those people use that money roughly and because they didn't work for it. I really need to know that that money given to them because they want them to use it for serious things, but this nowadays people are using it to please people at the shebeens.

Occasionally you need to know that everything that we do to our family members might come back to us as bad luck because we are treating them roughly. In this world, we have to know that we have to treat people with respect in return every day, just so they can also treat you the very same way. There are some people who lost their respect immediately after they got the money, that's where this world is changing. It's not anyone that would love what is in there because they can see that those people are old to be doing what they are doing. It has been said that this kind of people is not in the file in this world because they are doing things that will never be accepted by the loved ones.

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