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Man Shares On How He Makes An Income of 20k A Month

This man is a hard worker and also he has managed to inspire a lot of people. Be has worked hard to be where he is today. He started small and also allowed himself to start from A. Today he has been sharing his success and also everything he has achieved so far. 

@Ashley, “They are the best. have more ethic and service skills then those so called supermarkets.”

@Tau, “The problem starts when you think that selling in the streets is for poor people.”

@lornaoo, “Admin pls tell him that Ive just started my business and I need his advice he must inbox me pls.”

Many people admired what they saw and also they have been explaining that they want advice. They want advice from him and also tips. This young man has worked hard to be where he is and also he is admired by many people today. He started small from selling Sandwiches and muffins on the street. Today he is making about R20 000 a month.

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