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SASSA striggle to pay for srd grant going forward

06 October 2021 21:00

Daily Post


It is with great trategy that millions of South Africans applied for Srd relief grant but only a few a getting the money.People are complaining that the bank payment method has never worked since the first grant of 2020.

SASSA introduced another new method of payment which allows candidates without banks to be paid via e-wallet to avoid long ques at post offices.It turns out that this is another method that did not work since the payments has started.SASSA is facing challenges with making the payments through this method.


The citizens are threatening not to vote without these payments made to them and this is an issue that the government should not taks slightly at all.



People should wait for messages which will direct them to update their banking details sincd SASSA is still facing some issues with making payments through the new method.

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The srd grant will commence from Monday the 11th of October

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