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OPINION|| Why I Don't Support Black Businesses

People may be ignorant, but they're not STUPID. Black people don't support black businesses as much as that of our counterparts, not because of self-hatred as many puts it, they don't support because they're not foolish.

And to support most black businesses is equivalent to supporting the same White, and Chinese businesses, but in a foolish way.

Except for constructors, Majority of Black Businesses don't produce their own products, they depend on Chinese and White businesses to stock pile their products and they sell for profit.

So, supporting such business operandis is equivalent to supporting white and Chinese businesses, with the fantasies of supporting black business.

To Ultimate School of Thought, Business Owners who don't Manufacture the products they sell are marketers, marketing for the Businesses producing products on their behalf.

The Final Ultimate Analysis about black business is that, it doesn't exist.

How is buying a branded T.shirt from Thabo , when Thabo buy his products from small street or marabastad from Chinese Businesses, equivalent to supporting black business?

Slogan Engineering has successfully converted majority of black people into existing into the state of illusion.

Everyone wants money in this world, and anyone who's not ignorant, nor weakminded to be recruited into delusions with fantasies of supporting black business will always go and buy products where it's cheaper, and unfortunately most cheaper products are not associated with black businesses.

Sometimes with the eager to appear relevant, there are people who try to validate the over pricing of "Sebusiso Bhengu" clothing brand, by making incomparable comparisons.

You find them bringing up famous names su Gucci and Louis Vuitton to make a point, before making it about race.

But what they fail to understand is those brands have been around for too long, producing best and quality designed clothes to cost that much.

Yet Sebusiso Bhengu just completed his diploma in sewing, and without having known by anyone elsewhere, but expecting his brand to be seen, and be treated as Veteran Brands that have been dressing people with premium clothes to win best dressing competitions....

"Woke" individual are as "woke" as far from the Ultimate Wisdom......WHAT DO YOU THINK? LET'S TALK IN THE COMMENTS SECTION 

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