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South Africa most significant coins and notes that sells for up to R1 million south-african-coins-images.html 

In the event that you have this old coins and need to know their qualities you are in the ideal spot. 

Do you have this vintage coins from 1923-1960 and 1965. They are esteemed up to R20000 or more. 

R5 Mandela coin 2001-2002-2003 and 2019. They are completely esteemed at R5000 or considerably more. 

2014 R5 coin is with as much as R4,500. 

South african vintage R1. 

South african 1938 1penny lord George VI. Esteemed at R12000 

South african 1 pound 1937. From R7000 

South african R5 and R10 notes from R400. 

South african 5c from R350 

South african 1c from R150. 

This 1898 Burgers lake coarse facial hair piece was halted from printing and just 142 pieces were made. They are a couple of them, that implies they are as yet serious. It presently has a maket worth of up to R1 million. 

The sammy marks tickey South african coin. It has never filled in as an authority money yet it is still with a fortune. Just 215 pieces where made and they are with more than R750 000 

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George VI. South Africa


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