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SASSA urges R350 SRD grant applicants to update their details on the website from the 1 July 2022

01 July 2022


Update your information for the Covid-19 SRD Grant

SASSA has released a statement urging those who would like to update their personal information which was initially incorrectly provided to SASSA to update the information on the SRD website. Clients will also be allowed to alter the screening questions asked in their applications.

The information that can be updated on the SASSA SRD website includes contact details, bank details and source of income details.

SASSA said that the altering of the information will be allowed as from Friday, 1 July 2022, from the SRD website - They said that, it is important that the SRD grant recipients keep the information up-to-date to ensure that payments of the R35 SRD grant is done efficiently and without any inconvenience to the grant recipients

Even though that SASSA has requested the beneficiaries to use the link to update their information, some of the recipients who have tried to use the link complained that the link was not working.

It seems like recipients are unable to update their information even if they wish to do so because the link provided by SASSA is ineffective

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