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South African woman blows R1.6 million on a shopping spree

South Africa is a land that is blessed with so much opportunity and fortune. 

A South African woman has gone the extra mile to show just how one can blow their money.

She went on a shopping spree and spent a windfall buying the finest thing she ever laid her eyes on. It is reported that she spent R1.6 million at one go. 

But she did not just splash the money on any luxury. She went for a four wheel type of luxury. 

The unnamed South African woman became the first person locally to own a Shelby.

According to online reviews, this is one of the best cars on the planet.

The Shelby Speedster represents the pinnacle of exclusivity for the Shelby brand with production limited to 98 units for the American market and 25 units for other markets - including three Shelby Speedsters set to arrive in South Africa.

The internet went crazy after the news broke. 


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