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JESSICA: Minimum income in South Africa should be 7k a month

Jessica does not understand why the South African minimum income is still at R3500 because the cost of living is extremely high. Prices have been hiked very high and by last January 2021 the petrol price was R15. Now it has jumped to R20, which is shocking since it went up in a space of 12 months.

It is very common when the petrol price is going up and other industries are putting their prices up as well. As for payments for workers, they have been at the same rate, and it is becoming harder for those who are earning the basic salary. Jessica wants the South African authorities to take it to 7k per month.


Also, when it comes to tax, it is another pain because you will have to pay more but your income is still at the same rate and life is getting less improved in terms of standard of living. It is very shocking because all those who are earning huge amounts may not be going through the same difficulties as the lowest income earners.

Since the pandemic hit the country and the world, it has made life more difficult, and in South Africa, it has revealed how other things were not really taken care of well. Some careers don't really need you to be at your workplace and sit on a computer with internet access at home as much you will be doing the same thing at workplace.


Comments coming through under her tweet timeline:

1. Jessica: Every year their is an increase in this country except salaries. People are in debt not because they want to, but the necessary means to provide. 1k monthly grocery is not enough in one household.

2. Sios: Imagine paying a domestic worker 7k to 12k. Sometimes we just tweet unrealistically.

3. Ntokozo: You don't understand economics.

5. Zama: Their people who earns strictly commissions. I think every job should have a basic salary of 7k whether you are a domestic worker or petrol attendent.

Another encounter that has been ongoing for a long time is that when prices go up, it is not even a reality of cutting them lower. They remain at a higher price than if they went down. Paying tax is going up, but when it comes to your income, it is not even a primary to have increment for workers.

What are your thoughts?

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