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Billionaire Elon Musk reveals why he left South Africa when he was 17.

The world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk, recently discussed why he left South Africa when he was only a teen. According to Musk, who recently became the world’s wealthiest person, he left South Africa because he did not want to join the army. Musk who was born in Pretoria, has been living in the US ever since. I do not blame , with so much happening in South Africa at that time , the rastist people, the hate on black people has still high.

The genius behind Space X and Tesla, Elon Musk has made a huge success of himself while living in the United States but many often question why he is so quiet about his South African roots.

This must be why a video clip of him explaining the real reason why he left the country when he was only 17, has managed to go viral on TikTok.

He then moved to Canada and went Queen's University, he made the right decision. Today his reaping the rewards of that decision and enjoying the benefits.

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