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Are You A Tax Payer? This Is What SARS Is Planning To Do


SARS presents new methodology for breaking charge residency from South Africa 

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has presented another announcement structure that can be utilized to illuminate the gathering that a citizen has broken South African assessment residency. 

Up until as of late, the essential strategy for advising SARS that a citizen has broken South African assessment residency was by denoting the date of suspension on the important yearly expense form, and a citizen or their delegate could set up a gathering at a SARS branch to educate SARS, said Daniel Baines, supervisor at PwC South Africa. 

"This (new) structure isn't a substitution of utilizing the customary technique for denoting the discontinuance of residency on the government form; it is another option," he said. 

"A citizen accordingly has the alternative to either illuminate SARS with the new presentation structure or to stamp it on the assessment form. In the event that the announcement structure is utilized, the citizen or their delegate should email the structure with supporting reports to the important SARS email address. There is no distinction in the result regardless of the strategy utilized." 

While it might appear to be silly to utilize the new presentation structure, there are a few conditions where it should be utilized and a few conditions where it tends to be beneficial to utilize the structure, Baines said. 

These are set out as follows: 

On the off chance that the citizen broke duty residency before the alternative to advise SARS was accessible, and they currently need to educate SARS that they have broken their expense residency, the statement structure can be utilized to give an additional degree of conviction; 

In the event that the citizen doesn't have an Efiling profile – as they left South Africa before Efiling being set up – the revelation structure can be utilized rather than the citizen setting up another Efiling profile; 

Assuming the citizen needs formal affirmation from SARS that they have broken their South African duty residency. Right now, the main affirmation that a citizen can get from SARS that a citizen has broken their duty residency is to take a screen capture of the RAV01 (from Efiling) structure that contains the citizen's assessment residency status. In the event that the citizen has denoted that they have broken their expense residency on their government form, the RAV01 ought to mirror the citizen as a non-occupant citizen. Formal affirmation of assessment residency status from SARS can be exceptionally helpful for a citizen, particularly in case they are worried about SARS attempting to burden them on overall business pay procured over R1.25 million in case of being charge occupant (however any home revelation to SARS can be liable to challenge); 

As a citizen's agent, you don't approach that individual's Efiling profile yet are helping them with breaking their South African expense residency. 

"As can be seen, the new assertion structure that can be utilized to educate SARS that a citizen has broken South African expense residency can be an exceptionally valuable instrument, in any event, for businesses," said Baines. 

"In case a citizen's manager needs formal affirmation from SARS that a representative has broken duty residency to check them as a non-inhabitant on finance and consequently not retain PAYE, under particular conditions, this new assertion structure can likewise be utilized by the business." 

You can discover more with regards to the necessary documentation on PwC's site here. 

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