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Sassa payment dates for December starts from the 1st

We have reached the last month of 2021 and for the past months sassa grants recipients only got their money after the third up to the 8th of each month. Normally the date starts with pensioners followed by disability grants, child grant and other grants such as foster grant. 

This time around recipients will be happy to know that they will be getting their money a bit early. Following the same protocol. On the first of December which is tomorrow pensioners can go and collect their grants and then on the second disability grant and on the 3rd child grant and the other grants. 

It's good to see that Sassa have made payment dates early as it is festive season. So parents will be able to buy their children Christmas clothing and food. We hope the also make the unemployment grant for December available early so that people who need it most can be able to buy necessities. Enjoy your festive season and spend that grant wisely.

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