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OPINION: Civil Servants are Sacrificed by Ramaphosa, Tito and Senzo Mchunu

Civil servants are sacrificed by Ramaphosa, Tito and Senzo Mchunu and by COSATU to financial stress. The growing costs of living in basic human needs is constantly rising to the sky. Cruel capitalists do not feel your pain instead they praise themselves for saving money at your expense, to waste it somewhere and steal it

Civil servants are not the only casualties, almost all sectors because the capitalists system make the poorest suffer most, to cushion the richest from bad economic conditions

Suffering of economically is non of employers business instead it help them to get cheap labourers, from desperate unemployed and unions become powerless. However they will tell you it is the economic situation beyond their control but no one stop them from raising food prices, petrol and electricity, food and houses too high to make profit for them without raising salaries of workers who work for them

That what happen when you place capitalists and Satanists into power. They will tell you the salary increase will collapse the ailing economy, but their increase in cost of living collapse you and they do not care

Their old saying is for workers to wait economic recovery. Secretly meaning let us make enough profit before giving living wage. In the history of capitalists systems, there was never enough profit to improve workers living wage and that time will never come

Each time workers ask for a living wage there is a fight.You removed Zuma administration with lies and replace them with evil ones in power because you were misled. The entire Ramaphosa period civil servants will be suffering

Students will never get free education with this administration in power. They will blame it all to junk status and covid 19 after they shut down economy for months last year. They are controlled from outside the country, because they took IMF money while in junk status instead of BRICS loan

IMF loan conditions sacrificies country's soveignity. This is what IMF is designed to do in African countries. They forced to make awkward commitment, of not raising salaries forever but tell lies, that happen in future but never say by hi much after long period

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