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Eskom has updated the loadshedding Schedule for this week. Here's the new one. Opinion.

While Eskom put out a full loadshedding schedule this past Sunday, they did say that it could change as the situation changes. They kept to that as today they updated the loadshedding schedule, however unfortunately it's not for the better, but for the worse. Here are all the details as well as some tips to prepare.

The New Schedule :

Unfortunately, in this new schedule, stage five loadshedding will occur tomorrow (Wednesday) and the day after tomorrow (Thursday). With it being anticipated that Loadshedding will gradually be lowered to stage two by this weekend.

As we can see, the schedule for Wednesday and Thursday is confirmed, however Friday, Saturday and Sundays schedule will be dependent on returning generation units to service.

Now that the stage of loadshedding is going up, I think it's more important to prepare for Loadshedding. Here's how you may be able to do that.

Loadshedding Drawer :

I urge South Africans to create a loadshedding drawer, to do this they will need to find a drawer in a place that is easily accessible in the dark. This can be in the kitchen or in the bedroom. Once you have that, you should start filling the drawer with supplies.

Keep your light sources in the drawer (candles, gas lamps, torches, rechargeable lights) as well as what you would need to turn these on. These include fresh batteries and matches.

I also suggest that you keep a spare battery for your phone in there or a cellphone power bank. Anything else you personally will need in case of an emergency should also be kept there, for example, I keep a first aid kit.

What do you think of keeping a loadshedding drawer and will you be keeping one. Tell me in the comments section and follow More lifestyle news as it happens.

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