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How is Zimbabwe open for business when Mnangagwa applied harsh quarantine rules at the border ?


Stop contradicting yourself Mr Mnangagwa how do yo open the country for business when you apply ihard quarantine rules even fr negative results. Can you please take Zimbabweans into consideration when implementing some rules, as you are leading people not monkeys. Mr President when you finish this term please do not run for elections, we need young leadership, fresh minds you are not what we need nor deserve we deserve better. You are one of the worst leaders you are not even kind to your people, in fact you are selfish you only care about your interests. One of the best prophets that ever lived in Zimbabwe was the man who named you the shona name, the man truly predicted that you would be our problem is not necessarily unemployment or highly exorbitant prices, sanctions, covid or any of these things, you are our main stress and to get rid of all these other people who are like you, we must first get rid of you and that is exactly what we are going to do with our pain come 2023, because you have been starting new chapters since the day you escalated to the throne, truth be said and shall do you well this is the time you leave the Whatsapp group instead of the group admin removing you

Mr President lam a Zimbabwean by birth, l have never experienced anything called freedom in Zimbabwe, why do we have to suffer like this do you really enjoy seeing your own people living in such conditions ? Remove the quarantine on arrivals if you want people to believe Zimbabwe is open for business. It is actually funny that you say Zimbabwe is open for business Mr President, how about you feel sorry for your people that live in difficult times outside of the country just to try and survive, then when they want to come home relax and have somewhat of normalcy even if it's for a few weeks before we get back to our difficult situations. Yet we are made to feel like foreigners in the land of our ancestors, the one person you Mr President who is supposed to give us hope and faith in our country, is the same person making us feel unwanted and inferior

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