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PHOTOS: Meet The Richest Man In Limpopo And The Assets That He Owns

When you talk about Limpopo, many people think it’s just some random and poor place. That’s not the case. The Limpopo people are some of the richest people. They invest their wealth in buildings and also in business. One of the reasons why many people think Limpopo people are poor is that they haven't been to Limpopo in a while. If you visit Limpopo now, you will be amazed by the kinds of houses that people are building.


One of the reasons why one can say people in Limpopo are richer than people in most provinces like Gauteng is that in Limpopo, people build their own houses; they don’t rent just like how people in Gauteng do. Wealth is measured by the property that you own. Even if you have millions, if you don’t have a house, you can’t be compared to someone who has a house.



In today's article, let’s take a look at one of the richest people in Limpopo. Meet Makapane Modiba from Tzaneen. Modiba is one of the richest people who owns expensive properties and companies. This man has been in construction for over 30 years now. He is the founder of MacP Construction. He is also a pilot, but for now he is focusing on construction and logistics. He owns one of the most beautiful houses in Limpopo that is worth millions of Rands. Other than the house, he has several construction and logistics companies, and he also owns more than 20 construction trucks.


His house is like a palace; it is packed with all kinds of expensive cars and it occupies a very large portion of land in Tzaneen. Modiba is a role model for many. It is every child’s dream to be like him when they grow up. This man is not just keeping his wealth to himself and his family; he has also helped many people who are poor in Limpopo. He has also taken over 20 students to university and paid their full tuition fees.


Such people deserve to be honored because they are icons in our society, bringing light and dreams to the young. Who else is the richest man who is giving back to society in your area? Please comment below.


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