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"Andre De Ruyter And His Team Have Saved Eskom From Total Collapse” — Willem Cronje

The Business News columnist, Willem Cronje has concluded that Andre De Ruyter has been able to prevent Eskom from catastrophic collapse. He said that Andre De Ruyter and his team's expertise saved Eskom from oblivion. He argued that those who criticized Andre De Ruyter should have realized that Eskom's problems didn't appear out of thin air. In addition, he said that Andre De Ruyter is the only thing keeping Eskom afloat, and that the company has been on a downward spiral for a long time. Furthermore, he stated, “The cold, depressing truth is that De Ruyter’s challenge is no longer to keep the lights on, but rather to avert a total grid collapse… Eskom was wrecked a quarter of a century ago, when then president Thabo Mbeki neglected to develop new power plants. To be sure, he has conceded as much. He added that instead of attacking and criticizing Andre De Ruyter, South Africans should rather praise and encourage him because he is doing a fantastic job there.

To paraphrase Willem Cronje, "Rome wasn't built in a day," we should have patient with Andre De Ruyter. He commented, “Nothing can be developed quickly that is 100 percent effective. A complete grid failure would be disastrous, but it is avoidable if we can rein in our unrestrained rage and accept that De Ruyter and his colleagues offer our greatest hope. Willem Cronje thinks some of the criticism of Andre De Ruyter is completely off base. He said that Andre De Ruyter is Eskom savior, adding that he and his staff are doing a tremendous task there. Since André de Ruyter, CEO of Eskom, has not "fixed Eskom," there have been Pavlovian calls for him to resign.


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