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Township people are creative| A guy recently left everyone speechless after he was seen doing this

A guy by the name of Sizwe Kagiso recently left everyone speechless after he was seen doing this. As most people are aware that our country, South Africa is one of the country which is high in unemployment especially amongst the youth.

However while some are struggling with job hunting and applying to work at different companies across the country. There are people who prefer starting something themselves and making money from it. With that being said Sizem starting his own mobile fast food business.

Basically it is a big braai equipment which he pushes around to his required location and set up to serve his products. People were blown away by how creative Sizwe was when it comes to his business. This was definitely an inspiration to a lot of people across the country. See more of people's reactions down below;

"This is so inspiring. I know a guy in my hood who started like this. He now has to establishment and two bakkies and a delivery Scooter. Da Riosca Grills along R37 in Limpopo Province. Big Up to this brother here . Success is certain 💯👌🏾"

I'm interested to know how it works. Does he station himself somewhere and work or does he come to your place for the day or something?

Another example of how black people have never asked for handouts, they are always willing to innovate and work hard for themselves.

Share your thoughts on the comment section, what do you think of what Sizwe is doing around his township to make money?

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