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As This Month's Payments Starts Tomorrow Here Are The Things You Need To Know If You Are A Recipient

Many South Africans will get their October SASSA payments within the next 72 hours, but some recipients will have to wait longer and with greater uncertainty. The monthly payments provide a vital lifeline for people in dire need of financial support, and there are certain important items beneficiaries should be aware of this week.

This implementation of the R350 grant has significantly increased the number of persons who are eligible for government assistance. The SRD payments, which were initially launched as a COVID-19 "relief of distress" fund, have remained extremely popular. The R350 award is set to expire in March 2022, and it is expected that the ANC administration would want to prolong its legacy even longer. A Basic Income Grant for the poorest South Africans is being suggested, however supporting this initiative will cost tens of billions of rand each year. Traditional grants, on the other hand, will remain free and simple to get for the foreseeable future.

With October payouts beginning tomorrow, we've compiled a list of six items that all beneficiaries should be aware of as the month begins - including payment dates, availability, and R350 grants. Those getting 'Older Persons Grants' will be the first to receive their money on Tuesday, October 5th.Then, beginning Wednesday, October 6, recipients of the 'Disability Grant' will be able to receive their payments.

All other awards, such as Child Maintenance, will begin to be paid on Thursday, October 7th. The R350 award, however, is NOT accessible on any of the above-mentioned days.It's also worth noting that there is no set deadline for the R350 award – and the earliest possible payment date is October 8.

Note: If you obtain more than one SASSA award, you will receive payment for ALL of them on the day your first one is due to go live.You are not required to receive your payments on the day they become available.

[Source: thesouthafrican]

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