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12 Secrets About Pablo Escobar

Here are 12 things you didn't know about Pablo Escobar!

December 1, 1949, was the date of Pablo Escobar Gaviria's birth in the city of Rio Negro, Colombia. Farmer and elementary school teacher were the roles of his parents. Unfortunately for us, Pablo had other ideas. He began his criminal career in his teens on the streets of Medellin. He allegedly stole gravestones, sandblasted the names on them, and then sold them to smugglers in Panama for a high profit..

#1 His return on investment was 20,000%

You can think of ROI as a measure of how much you get back for every dollar invested in your business. It was estimated that Pablo Escobar's ROI was as high as 20,000%. To put it another way, for every $1 he invested in the drug trade, he made around $200.

#2 Pablo Escobar's annual profit of $1 billion was devoured by rats.

Pablo Escobar had a tremendous amount of wealth that he would write off 10% of each year because rats would get into the storage lockers and consume it (some was also lost due to water damage). One of Pablo Escobar's closest brothers, Roberto Escobar, estimated that the cocaine cartel's annual income were about $20 billion.

Escobar spent $2 million to keep his daughter from freezing to death in the frigid weather.

Pablo Escobar, a Colombian drug lord who died in 1993, used 2 million dollars in cash to start a fire in order to save his daughter from freezing to death. A farm in the highlands near Medellin, Colombia, was their hideout. To save the lives of his family and bodyguard, he did all in his power. They needed a fire for both heating and cooking because his daughter was shivering in the cold. So, what exactly did Pablo do? He was literally wasting money.

#4 Pablo Escobar bought a Learjet to transport his money throughout the country.

Escobar and his cartel sought a better means to transmit money from the United States to Colombia after seeing increasing profits. Initially, a little jet that could carry $10 million was sufficient. After a while, Escobar realized that an upgrade was required, and he acquired himself a Learjet with a payload capacity of ten million pesos every flight.

5 Pablo Escobar Was Accused of Bombing the World Trade Center.

Escobar was shocked to learn that he was a suspect in the World Trade Center bombing, despite the numerous horrendous crimes for which he had been found guilty. Such that he wrote the US Ambassador to Colombia a personal note saying: "You may take me off the list because if I had done it, I would be expressing why I did it and what I want.".

Sixth, Pablo Escobar constructed his own barrio.

Escobar was a well-liked figure in Colombia during his golden years, having sponsored food programs and constructed parks and soccer fields. The Barrio Pablo Escobar, a neighborhood of 450 red brick homes where 1,000 of Medellin's poorest residents resided for free, is unquestionably his crowning achievement. Barrio Pablo Escobar's sole drawback was that young people from other regions were flocking there to sell drugs.

Killer number seven is a cold-blooded murderer

Escobar is estimated to have been responsible for at least 4,000 deaths. But he wasn't just going for people in the drug trade; he was also targeting politicians. Because he backed Escobar's extradition to the United States, a Colombian presidential contender was assassinated by Escobar. When he bombed a building in Colombia's capital city, Bogota, he also destroyed a significant amount of the city's infrastructure.

$8,500 a month or more on Rubber Bands

Pablo bought rubber bands at a cost of $2,500 a month! At the time, the company's profits were estimated to be in the neighborhood of $20 billion. In order to keep track of all the money that was flowing in, he allegedly spent $2,500 on rubber bands alone.

The world's richest man is at number nine.

Pablo Escobar was designated the seventh richest man in the world by Forbes magazine in 1989, with a fortune estimated to be between $25 and $30 billion. Escobar would tie for sixth place on the current Forbes billionaire list if he were still alive today.

A $10 Billion Dollar Payoff

Pablo's worst nightmare was a minor matter known as extradition. Pablo would have spent the remainder of his life in solitary confinement if the Colombian authorities had succeeded in extraditing him to the United States. Pablo made a ridiculous offer to the Colombian government in order to thwart his extradition. Colombia's national debt at the time was around $10 billion, and in exchange for making extradition unlawful, Pablo offered to pay it all off.

There are now hippos and refugees in Pablo Escobar's utopia, number 11.

Pablo Escobar built a holiday home in Puerto Triunfo, a small Colombian city in the northern region of the country. That paradise, on the other hand, is in ruins now. Everyone seeking for rumored drug or money stashes has demolished everything that can be demolished. A few families who have fled the country's conflict against guerrillas and roughly 20 hippos are the sole residents of the area, which is still inhabited by Pablo's hippos.

Robin Hood is the 12th character on the list.

Escobar was revered as a savior by the country's underprivileged. The parks, schools, stadiums, hospitals, and churches he built throughout western Colombia cost millions of dollars. He even gave out money to the needy as part of his civic engagements, such as housing projects. In 1982, Escobar was elected to the Colombian House of Representatives as a deputy/alternative representative.

Pablo Escobar's 13th and last secret: how he died

A gunfight with Colombian authorities claimed the life of Pablo Escobar, the famed Medellin drug cartel's leader and one of the world's most sought men. He was 44 years old the day before he died. Escobar's Medellin hideout was surrounded by hundreds of troops and police, who killed the drug lord and a bodyguard following a 20-minute shootout as Escobar and his bodyguard tried to flee through the rooftop.


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