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More Information comes in for all SASSA Beneficiaries, expect the following

The Pay the Grants movement has voiced its displeasure with Sassa and the Department of Social Development over the latter two agencies' alleged persistent shortcomings in distributing the R350 Social Relief of Distress award. 

As the cost of living in the country continues to rise, the campaign claims that millions of moms are still unable to provide adequately for their children during Women's History Month. 

Sassa was criticized for discriminating against caregivers in order to keep its Child Support Grant of R480.

Members of the movement recently marched at the Social Sector Summit asking that the Department of Social Development swiftly fix problems with the R350 grant since, according to the movement, Sassa had ceased paying the grant to millions of people. 

The movement also complained about difficulties in applying for the grant, not receiving payments, waiting a long time for appeals, and receiving inadequate information from Sassa. 

Pay Melanie McKernan, the Grants coordinator, questioned this, saying that many individuals still hadn't gotten cash in hand because of bank verification delays and the fact that the Cash Send system wasn't functioning properly, creating significant barriers for claimants at Postbank and retail establishments. 

According to McKernan, the use of ASI and UIF has led to a dramatic increase in the number of recipient reductions. According to her, the R350 limit on the means test is a contributing factor.

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