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Best ways to keep your customer's coming back

Early communities relied on a favor-based gift economy. Later, as commerce grew, human relationships became less permanent, relying more on transient wants than than long-term social goals. Clients are individuals who receive specialized advice and solutions, whereas customers are those who purchase goods and services.

Despite the fact that such distinctions have no current semantic weight, legal firms, film studios, and health-care providers prefer client, whereas grocery stores, banks, and restaurants prefer customer.

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Every company has its own planting, growth, and harvesting cycle. You must be patient with your business if you want to establish a successful one. Toyota took a month to sell their first car, and now they sell thousands of automobiles per month around the world.

Please bear in mind that the goal of a business is to attract and retain consumers, not to make a profit. However, the more profitable a firm is, the better it is at attracting and retaining customers.

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When you've experienced the agony of launching a new business and seeing no clients or a very low turnout for weeks or months, you'll naturally respect each and every customer, even if hundreds of them walk up at once.

You'll see that a customer who spends R10 and another who spends R100 are both equally valuable to your company. Here are some easy ways to keep your consumers coming back.

1. BE RESPONSIBLE: Do exactly what you claim you'll do. Do what you said you would do when you said you would do it. Make sure it's done correctly the first time and on time.

2. BE TRUSTED : Customers are willing to pay a premium for peace of mind. Customers expect security, integrity, and the certainty that any issues will be resolved quickly and at no additional cost.

3. BE RESPONSIVE : This means being accessible, available and willing to help customers whenever they have a problem. 

4. BE EMPATHIC : Every customer is a special individual who wants to be treated as such. He has his own unique wants, personality and reason for buying.

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Practice these strategies and you will always be happy. Many people don't have the patience to build a business for 5 years. But they have the patience to go to work for 20 or even 30 years.

Start you own thing and become financial independent. Financial freedom is the new boss.



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