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Inflation hits Zimbabwe as food prices go up and other cost of living

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Content by Bongiwe

The inflation rates extensively increasing in 2022. Cost of living has changed at the Zimbabwe and other countries.Countries doesn't receive imports goods from other countries.

Ukraine and Russia has been in world war since 2022 began. The most rich townships in both countries got destroyed. With that the exporting and imports of goods stopped. These countries mostly affected Zimbabwe and other countries as they trade.

Zimbabwe and South Africa stopped receiving imported goods. However the markets is impacted negative. The high inflation rates in particular prices of food, petrol,tax and other interest rates went up. South Africa has been surprised by the increase of oil prices in shops and fuel at the garages.

All that impact the Rand in dropping down. The country doesn't trade hence there is influence on the Rand. The Rand against dollar was down on Thursday. The public need to be very vigilant when using money as the situation will be bad in 2022.

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